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System 150

Same as System 150 with AGI3 roof mounted GPS and Steering controller. May be used with steer ready machines, AES-25 and ASC-10. Variable rate and FarmTech RTN Ready!

Steer Ready Vehicle List and Prices


System 250

Same as System 150, replacing GX-45 with X20 Universal Display. May be used with steer ready machines, AES-25, ASC-10 and all X20 accessories, see below in next item. Farm Tech RTN Ready!

Steer Ready Vehicle List and Prices


X20 Universal Display

Windows XP Pro Operating System, Guidance, Steering (AGI - 3 or Prosteer 4), Liquid/Dry/Gas product control (up to 8), Variable rate (up to 8), AgCam, Weather Station, Crop Spec Sensors and Tierra Telemetry. Ability to save as applied maps and transfer via thumbdrive or Tierra.

System 250 & Accessories

$4,295 (econ)



System 350

Same as above systems with X30 Universal Display. May be be used with steer ready machines, AES-25, ASC-10 and ISO implements including CaseIH, Flexicoil, AGCO, White, John Deere. Farm Tech RTN Ready.

Steer Ready Vehicle List and Prices


Omnistar Upgrade

Upgrade to Omnistar HP for 3-4 inch repeatable accuracy and 2-3 inch pass to pass accuracy (15 minute static). Subscriptions for 1 year and 3 month/month to month. Corrections come from Omnistar satellite and are available worldwide.

Farm Tech is an authorized Omnistar Dealer




RTK Upgrade

Clip in Module for RTK. Comes with GSM modem or UHF Radio. Sub Inch repeatable accuracy. Corrections from local base station or cellular based RTK network such as FarmTech RTN.


AES-25 - Accurate Electric Steering

Steering interface to suit non steer ready tractors. Replaces existing steering wheel. Fast, Quiet and sub cm accurate. Quick and easy to transfer between machines. Can be used with Prosteer 4 or Systems 150 / 250 / 350.

AES Vehicle List and Price


Product Control ASC - 10

Rate Control two products and auto on/off 10 sections. Plug and play with most existing controllers. Works with System 150 / 250 / 350.



Sprayer Specific Kit

Veri Jet VR Spray Nozzles

Auto orfice adjusting nozzle for incredible range of rate changes. All mechanical, very simply patented design. Rate changes of 10x possible. Flat fan or three streem for all your application needs. Replaces every nozzle you have every owned and will own.

$46.75 / each

with fert cap

Optics Ag Cam

Ag Cam option for System 250. Up to 4 cameras. All integrated on the System 250 screen for easy viewing.

$ Pricing Varies $

Crop Spec - Nitrogen Sensor

Cooperation with Yara International and Topcon creating a Red-Edge and Red Light crop canopy sensor. Very accurate and fast. Easy to use. Works with System 250 / 350.